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We received a very emergency case of “Samina 42 years old.
She is suffering from wound infection on small intestine, and last 18 days..she is very critical condition.

It is very hard for her family to arrange the treatment expenses.

Around treatment cost 35000/-

Doctor recommended urgently provide wound manager medium size with colopast gel.

Kindly plz come forward to help her ..


We received a emergency case of “Pankaj ” of 22 years boy .
who is suffering from Nephrology disease , treated RML hospital new Delhi,

His father is working as a labour, , it is very hard to arrange his treatment expenses, few years back he was doing as a labouring with his father, unfortunately he facing huge pain after one month, he is admitted in hospital, then doctor recommended not to work

He needs medication and some injections cost around 45000

Kindly plz come forward to help this little Pankaj

Gautam Kumar Naskar

We received a emergency case of “Gautam Kumar naskar” of 50 years patient.
who is suffering from brain disease, and last 25 days he had gone through heart attack, treated by BAPS shastriji maharaja hospital

His wife Ms. Sheela naskar is house wife, it is very hard for her to arrange the treatment expenses.

The cost of this treatment is 1200000-/

Kindly plz come forward to help this patient.

She suffering from Skin desease and eyes infection….
URGENT need treatment cost 1.50 Lack
Santosh devi is fighting between life and death and she is facing unbelievable pain, she is a mother of a girl child, her age is 44 years old years and she is suffering from a life threatening skin disease and eye infection her husband Mr.virendra kumar he doesn’t have job due to covid so he requests our org so that we can save her life

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B/O SHILA KUMARI, 10 MONTH male baby got admitted in RML hospital.

B/O SHILA KUMARI can get better, but his parents don’t have anything left to continue his treatment. Rahul kumar works as a labour, in Punjab earlier and hasn’t been able to continue his work . Together we can save the child life. Please give your support generously.They are also struggling for B/O SHILA father RAHUL KUMAR treatment because RAHUL KUMAR is also suffering from cancer they already spent whole savings in the treatment.