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The beliefs of The Miracle Foundation run deep as it relates to how they view each child deserving of equal amounts of tenderness and appreciation as well as possibilities for success. In achieving their objective, all focus remains on empowering both orphaned or underprivileged kids through providing assistance, including resources and other propellers necessary for success along each young one’s journey. Envisioned is a peaceful yet nurturing surrounding that seeks out growth-aiding situations for every kid globally.
About Us The Miracle Foundation

The insufficiency of material possessions or income required for survival basics leads to a state called ‘poverty’. The varied root causes and implications of this social problem are often interwoven with economic and political parameters. In the realm of statistics and economics two primary indices are utilized when measuring poverty:

Absolute poverty measurements compare income levels against minimum standards required like basic clothing, shelter, nutrition, etc.

Unfortunately, we still have many children facing abject poverty in our midst. We all have a role to play as responsible citizens in helping change that reality. Every act of kindness or assistance extended goes towards advancing their growth potential as well as the welfare of our country at large.

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